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Building a new church facility takes careful planning, proper budgeting and firm implementation. Sproles Corporation offers years of experience in guiding church members safely through the many challenges that face the church body before, during and after the construction of a new ministry building.




By being a full service design/build company, Sproles Corporation can easily guide your church through the design process and lead you to the most cost effective style and structure type necessary for your new church facility.




We have always understood the importance of keeping the overall building costs at a minimum, and for this reason we have purposefully built a low overhead church building company. The reason for high overall building costs is very simple; you have to pay all of your overhead costs before you can buy any bricks and mortar. For most companies this is where the most costs are incurred. They have multiple owners to divide profits, multiple salesmen to pay commissions, expensive office facilities to upkeep, and enormous marketing expenses to keep the cycle going. This is not the case for Sproles Corporation. We have one owner, no salesmen, a new but modest office complex and practically no marketing expenses.

If your church places a high priority on good stewardship, insightful leadership and outstanding workmanship, then Sproles Corporation is the right team for your next church building project.